Skill and Entrepreneurship Development

The Mission of the Internet TV Media News Network - ITVMNN is Educational Development and Economic Cooperation. Our offer to any country is development bound rather than time bound.

Development can be possible only if the concerned Government and the Stakeholders both are interested.

Skill and Entrepreneurship Development: The ITVMNN also extends best possible consultancy support from the initial stage up to marketing the products to establish own Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise. Besides, Credit Guarantee Fund Scheme for Micro and Small Enterprises of the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise, the ITVMNN is also having own arrangement with the foreign banks to provide financial instruments i.e. Bank Guarantee BG and Standby Letter of Credit SBLC on the basis of acceptable reasonable percentage of profit to support the commodity trading by the MSME.

a) There is an urgent need to initiate an aggressive marketing campaign in potential global markets to build India's image as a leading quality producer and create consumer's confidence in Indian quality.
b) There is urgent need to provide marketing facilities to the existing cluster developed by the Government of India, in order to make this campaign a success.
c) To act as a symbolic link between various governmental agencies, promotional councils, industry and trade associations for synergising the common goals of wholesome growth of SMEs.
d) To work closely with foreign governments, industry, Indian missions, various chamber of commerce and counterpart organizations globally.

We motivate to the general public by organizing close awareness meetings on the Development for the speedy progress.

We help in setting and managing business units by providing consultation and educational services, training, know-how, financial services and managerial inputs through our experts who are able to provide technical and market information services. Our experts are also classified into groups.

We are acting as resource people, consultants, facilitators and evaluators for other NGO, Government Agencies, Foreign Alternative Trading Organizations, Funding Agencies and Institutions working in the similar field.

We source International market information i.e.:
(a) Information on price and products availability. 
(b) Updates on happenings and developments in the Micro, Small and Medium Entrepreneur sector.

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