The Indian Media Council - IMC, integral part of the Internet TV Media News Network "ITVMNN" - A Global Media News Network is headed by Dr. Abadhesh Sharma, Chairman of the Indian Media Council. He is assisted by other Council Members. He believe in transarent Press Briefings.

The Indian Media Council is running by well educatd renowned Media, Judiciary and Human Rights Experts. Its mission is to set the highest professional standards for public opinion pollsters, and to advance the understanding, among politicians, the media and general public, of how Governments policies are implemented and how to interpret results among masses. Since its inception, Indian Media Council - IMC has sponsored seminars, workshops and press conferences to promote better understanding and reporting of public opinion policies.

The Indian Media Council has strong focus on the Media Integration, Security for Media Personnel, Human Trafficking, Child Labour, Public Safety and Social Security especially of the underprivileged citizens. The Indian Media Council – IMC shall also carry out its Mission with the International / National and State Human Rights Commissions.

All are requested to follow the Rules and Regulations of the Indian Media Council – IMC based on the Constitution of the Republic of India. The IMC shall support you to the fullest but failing to carry on the Indian Media Council’s Mission, the Board of the IMC shall be free to terminate your appointment.

Indian Media Council:
Mr. Abadhesh Sharma
(Chairman of the Indian Media Council)
  Mr. Arvind Kumar Sharma
(Vice - Chairman of the Indian Media Council)
  Mr. Ajeet Sharma, Advocate
(National Vice President)
  Mr. M. N. Prasad
(Member – National Advisory Board)
  Mr. Gurumoorthy Nandigama
(Member – National Advisory Board)
  Mr. Dhananjay Panchal
(President of Telangana State)
  Ms. Anupama Raj Sharma
(President, Alwar District)
  Mr. Mohan Kant Baghel, Advocate
(Legal Advisor – Agra District)
  Ms. Kavya Yadav V
(President – Women Cell Bangalore)
  Ms. Smitha V
(President – Women Cell Bangalore (South))
  Mr. Ramesh S.
(President – Karnataka)
  Mr. R. T. Mahendra
(President – Bangalore (Rural))
  Mr. Balaji R
(President – Chickaballapura)
  Mr. Dattathreya
(Coordinator – Chickaballapura)
  Ms. Nancy kaur
(President – Women Cell, Delhi NCR)
  Mr. Prashant Lokapur
(President – Dharwad District)
  Mr. Naveen Solaragoppa
(Vice – President – Dharwad District)
  Mr. Meerendra Singh Rana, Advocate
(Legal Advisor - Gwalior city, M.P.)
  Mr. Pawan Sharma
(President – Jharkhand)
  Mr. Padmanabha S. V.
(Member - Advisory Board Karnataka State)
  Mr. B R jagadeesh Chandra Prasad
(Member - Advisory Board Karnataka State)
  Mr. Mahadevappa M
(Member - Advisory Board Karnataka State)
  Dr. Usha Mohan
(President – Women Cell, Karnataka)
  Ms. Shaik Mahe Jabeen
(President - Women Cell of Karnool District and Andra Pradesh and Telangana State)
  Mr. Pradip Banerjee
(President – Kolkata District)
  Mr. S. Krishna Prasad, Journalist
(President – Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh)
  Mr. H. M. Keerthikeshwara
(Vice – President, Mysore)
  Mr. Manjunath Uppin
(Executive Member – Navanagar Hubli)
  Mr. Vinod Asawa
(State Co-ordinator - Talnagana State)
  Mr. A. S. Aswin Durai
(Member – Tuticorin)
  Mr. Suresh Babu, Advocate
(Coordinator & Legal Advisor - Visakhapatnam)
  Mr. Rapaka Ravi babu, Journalist
(President of West Godvari Dist, Andhra Pradesh)
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