Environment Development

The Internet TV Media News Network - ITVMNN is an International Organization established in the year 2014. The working area of the organization is all UN Nations.

Bio-Energy (electricity, oil and gas generating) projects: The ITVMNN is about to start Bio-Energy (electricity, oil and gas generating) projects through collecting any type of solid waste of Plastic, Rubber and other agricultural and industrial waste, recycling, packing and trading on national and international level building producing depot Plants under the banner of Clean India Campaign. This is Germany based technology duly patented and accredited and the best part of this technology is that there is zero Emission and zero residues. Therefore it provides an opportunity of huge employment for technical and non-technical professionals and staff, etc.

Solar Energy Projects: Also ready to extend best possible support to the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy MNRE to promote Solar Energy Projects.

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